How to download YouTube videos from SanVideo?

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Usually, when we browse the videos of Youtube’s website, we want to be able to download them to the computer and collect them when we see videos of movies, music, etc. that we really like. It is convenient to enjoy them again later. Or, I hope to download these video files and copy them into the car music, and enjoy the music when driving. You can also download these videos to your phone and watch them anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost, without the need for additional 4G/5G network traffic. After all, the mobile phone’s network traffic is really expensive, it is not worthwhile to use the mobile phone to view the videos of Youtube. Regardless of your reason, you want to be able to download these audio/video files to your computer, mobile phone or other electronic device. SanVideo is a video downloader that can help you solve these problems. SanVideo is a free software that specializes in downloading Youtube videos. Ability to download multiple Youtube video files at the same time. There are no restrictions on advertising or downloading.

If you have not downloaded the SanVideo software installer, please open the browser and enter as the official website. Click on the “Download Now” to download and install SanVideo’s Youtube video downloader software.

Install the SanVideo video downloader and open it to run it. SanVideo provides support for 20+ multi-language support.

The first step is to choose a preferred language.

You can choose to switch your favorite language in the language selector in the upper right corner of the software interface. For example, the following illustration:

The second step is to select the directory location where the downloaded Youtube video file is saved.

By default, SanVideo will automatically save the downloaded Youtube video to your system video directory and automatically create a subdirectory SanVideo. For example, the following illustration:

The third step is to copy the video download address of Youtube.

Please open your browser, find the favorite Youtube video, right click on the address bar of the browser to copy the video download address. For example, the following illustration:

The fourth step, add Youtube video download address

After copying the video download address of Youtube, please open the SanVideo (switch to) downloader window. In general, SanVideo will automatically recognize the Youtube video address you copied. You can download the video file automatically by clicking the “Add URL” button. If you see that SanVideo’s URL address bar does not recognize the video download address, please right click on the address bar and select the menu “Paste and Add”. This way you can also download your favorite video files. If it has not been added successfully, please re-copy the Youtube video download address on your browser.
For example, the following illustration:


Step 5, add multiple video download addresses

As long as you like, you can add any multiple video download addresses and download them at the same time. SanVideo will not limit your downloads.

The sixth step, the list of videos being downloaded

When you add multiple video download addresses, you will see the following icon. These Youtube video files will be downloaded to your computer at the same time. As shown below:

Ok, you are doing a great job! Downloading videos is so easy with the SanVideo downloader. Remember to share it with your friends.

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